About the Artist

Dali's Boats

Dali’s Boats

Born in California, Ross Becht grew up all over the United States, spending the majority of his childhood in the city of Buffalo, New York. At 18, he enlisted in the Marine Corps, following his passion for all things sea-faring, begun early in his teens. At the end of his career in the Marine Corps, he was stationed in Southern California, where he met his wonderful wife (who is writing this bio, by the way!) Married in 2011, Ross and his wife have 2 sons, and have lived in Alameda since 2012. His sister-in-law and her family live on an adjoining property, which he swears he loves.


Ross And Kiddo #1

Ross And Kiddo #1

Ross’s artistic talents emerged young – he designed logos for his father’s restaurants in middle school and by the time he left for bootcamp, he already had an impressive portfolio. Throughout his enlistment, he sketched and painted at ports-of-call, recording his experiences in pictures rather than words. At 23, he began art school at SUNY-Geneseo, where he experimented in contrasting architectural details with soft, romantic subjects and expanded his repertoire to include acrylics and figure drawing.

After a 10+ year detour from his aspirations to be a professional artist, spent helping countless people as a Paramedic in San Diego, Ross enrolled in a watercolor class and found his inspiration again. His work over the past year has been dominated by seascapes and his spirit animal – the elk. His crisp watercolors capture the movements of the ocean and evoke memories of the wind rustling through the trees.

Swordfish jpg high

Ross also paints pictures inspired by his son – Emmett tells the occasional fantastical story, and Ross interprets these into series of paintings intended for children’s rooms. His stuffed animal series and “The Nighttime Airplane” are two examples of this whimsical collaboration.

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