Naval Air Station Series

The western third of the Island of Alameda is taken up by what used to be Naval Air Station Alameda. There is so much history on the base, Pan Am’s China Clipper Service flew out of the seaplane lagoon, Jimmy Doolittle’s B-25s were loaded there beginning their trip which would end with a raid over Tokyo, the USS Hornet (CV-12), which recovered Apollo Program Astronauts is berthed there. My goal with this series was to take the buildings that are there and “clean them up” just a little bit, take down fences, trim some trees, add new coats of paint, make minor repairs, and try and return them to an earlier state resembling what they may have looked like when the base was open. Right now there are four paintings in the series (one lost and three active) but there are so many great structures there that I want to capture, before the base is completely renovated by the Alameda Point Project, that I’m sure the series will continue to grow.

West Tower

Watercolor on Paper 13″ x 8″

This is the lost first piece in the Naval Air Station series. By “lost” I mean it was sold at my first show two days after it was finished so I never had time to get it properly copied for prints. The painting depicts the West Control Tower looking west from Monarch Street. Behind the tower are the runways of the air station and in the distance you can see the hills of San Francisco and Sutro Tower.  

Sentry House

Watercolor on Paper 13″ x 8″

The old Sentry House off of Main St on the north side of the base. This one probably has the most “repair work” done to it. Currently the windows are covered in plywood but I found some old photos that gave me an idea of what they must have looked like. 

Alameda HQ

Watercolor on Paper 13″ x 8″

This is the former NAS Administration Building and is now Alameda City Hall West. This is probably the first building that you’ll see right after passing the sentry house above and I just love the strength of it’s simple facade and the main entrances’s battlement like appearance.

Orion Test Cell

Watercolor on Paper 13″ x 8″

On the Corner of Orion St and W Pacific Ave there is this structure. It’s a jet engine test cell, where maintenance and tests were performed for the squadrons based on the air station. It’s a curious and imposing structure, that’s slightly sad, sitting alone in a field with the Oakland hills in the background.


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